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Thou Shalt Young Adult Ministry

"Where we shall be set apart.."

Thou Shalt Young Adult Ministry was birthed three years ago as a way to get young adults back into the church and to remind them they are meant to be set apart. 

For the past three years, Thou Shalt has been overseen by our Youth Minister, Tim Mack. Thou Shalt has monthly bible studies called, Straight talk, where we discuss real life issues that young adults face everyday.  

Every Summer, Thou Shalt Ministry attends a local church family's home where we engage in the "No Limit" water sports where we place Faith over fear in action. 

2019 the Young Adult Ministry put on their first Young Adult Revival, The Encounter,  during the weekend of the Back to School drive weekend. Its an action pack weekend full of fellowship, laughs, and fun. 

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Testimonies are God's Grace in Action.


Malik Kerr, 2020 High School Graduate 

Christ has changed my life because he showed me another way. For a long time, I was set on living how I wanted and I wanted everything that the world offered. I had no intention on coming to God at this age but something within me led me to church and God. I can see how this way of life is so much better than how I lived before because I’ve had it the worlds way but Gods way is better. I have a new family in Christ, new knowledge, and a guide in times of trouble.Don't forget forgiveness out of this world, so that is how Christ has changed my life

As far as what has Thou Shalt taught me, I would say it simply taught me how to work with others and how insightful the opinion of another can be. Throughout the events that have been held, I believe it puts me in a position where I get a different take on things that I’ve learned about during each session. It has taught me that living as a Christian isn’t what people make it out to be, so I would encourage someone joining because it’s showing of how a life in Christ can be fun


Jayla Boykins, Rising High School Senior 

Christ changed my life because I always grew up in Christ. When I was young I always thought “ I have to be perfect." If and when I made a mistake , I thought God hated me for what I've done .  I learned as I started to get older from hearing, learning and understanding the different stories/scriptures in the Bible from my amazing teacher and mentors,  that I am not perfect--- actually no one is perfect but Jesus, himself. Christ shows me that I am not perfect and that’s fine . God puts obstacles in my life for a reason. He wants to help me grow into the Christian woman that II am suppose to be . I’m only 17 and God shows me continuously that I am a young black  Christian woman  that has values and morals who shouldn't let anyone take that away for me. Christ also showed me that I am here for a reason. 

Thou Shalt taught me that I do matter and also showed me to love myself. In presence times, it’s problems all around the world that I’m going to face self-esteem, temptations lust etc; it is all real. The great men and women mentors/teachers have taught me that I am not alone. Things I’ve thought or did, my teachers can relate to because they were my age at a point of time and have been transparent about their past Journeys. Thou shalt helped me open up about things I would usually keep in . This Ministry helps me learn from my mistakes in hopes that one day I'll be able to help be that mentor for a younger girl that’s going through things. Thou Shalt has also taught me that I matter.


Joi Belton-Summerville, Rising College Senior 

I have lost a lot of loved ones in the last 6 years. One of which was my mother. Because of the believe that my family instilled in me, I didn’t look at it as her being taken from me. Instead i cherish the years I had with her. My parents split when I was 2 so i was blessed with beautiful years of just mother and I. I will always be grateful to God for giving us such a beautiful mother-daughter relationship and forever grateful for my mother leaving behind such a loving community of people to look after me. Every one of my love ones have left me with nothing but joyous memories. I am who I am because of it. People tend to describe me as resilient but I know that what they see is nothing but God’s doing. When you see me you see my Father molding me to fulfill His purpose for me.

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