Thou Shalt Young Adult Ministry

"Where we shall be set apart.."

Thou Shalt Young Adult Ministry was birthed three years ago as a way to get young adults back into the church and to remind them they are meant to be set apart. 

For the past three years, Thou Shalt has been overseen by our Youth Minister, Tim Mack. Thou Shalt has monthly bible studies called, Straight talk, where we discuss real life issues that young adults face everyday.  

Every Summer, Thou Shalt Ministry attends a local church family's home where we engage in the "No Limit" water sports where we place Faith over fear in action. 

2019 the Young Adult Ministry put on their first Young Adult Revival, The Encounter,  during the weekend of the Back to School drive weekend. Its an action pack weekend full of fellowship, laughs, and fun. 

Sunday Worship 10 am

Tues Building Your Faith Study 11 am

Wed  Life Application Bible Study 7pm

When We Meet

 Eric A Lorick,  Minister

Assistant Ministers: R. Beale & J. Lorick   

Youth & Young Adult Minister, T.Mack

Biblical Education Ministry Leader, B.Simons


5718 Bowleys Lane

Baltimore, Maryland 21206

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