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"Resources  & Opportunites To Serve"

This page contains opportunities to help your fellow neighbors and for those requiring support services a one place information stop. COVID19 Resources,Food, Mental Health Counseling, and more. All donations  or requests should go directly to the program  below via thier web site.

211 Maryland|MD Programs

We Connect Maryland So It Can Thrive

Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit responded immediately to the growing challenges of COVID-19. 211 Maryland continues to support state and local agencies and individuals. We inform, connect and advocate for individuals.

Church of Christ Diaster Relief
Your donations allow us to purchase needed supplies in large volume, at extreme discounts, whenever we need them. We are able to stretch your donation dollar to buy 3-4 times what you could purchase at retail prices. We don't have to wait for donated goods to come in before we can send supplies out.

Supportive Friend

 Resoucres Baltimore City

  • Resources:

  • Rapid Test

  • Updated Covi19 Information

  • Food Resources and More

B G & E Help Programs Baltimore City

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