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Ministers’ Calling-Eric Lorick


Hamil R. Harris- Christian Chronicle 2006

BALTIMORE — More than once, Eric and Andrea Lorick have arrived for Sunday worship only to find their church’s parking lot roped off with police tape, officers swarming the asphalt that, only hours earlier, had become a killing field.

The Inner City Church of Christ, the congregation the couple has served for four years, meets in a gritty Baltimore shopping strip between a Subway restaurant and a liquor store.


The InnerCity Church of Christ meets in a strip mall next to a liquor store and a Subway restaurant.

Despite the drug dealers, crime, vice and at least two homicides since the church opened its doors here, the Baltimore couple can’t think of a place they’d rather minister.

“Everybody was planting churches in the county, but nobody was planting them in the city,” Eric Lorick said.

It’s the “sweetest congregation in Baltimore,” said Jessica Veale in a Facebook post after the church’s second anniversary in 2006. The hard-working members also make it a church where “saints best not sleep,” she added.

Andrea Lorick agreed. Most of the members hold down several jobs, she said, yet still make time to help in ministry and outreach to their community.


InnerCity Church of Christ now resides in a new location 5718 Bowleys Lane, less than 1 mile from the original plant building. Still ministering in the same neighborhood God mission of the “Saving Soul’s with A Servant’s Heart” placed them.

Eric Antonio Lorick was added to the Body of Christ at Metropolitan Church of Christ in May of 1991 after being taught the gospel by Brother Kevin Bethea, Minister of East Baltimore Church of Christ.  He was among a core group of brothers and sisters who in 1995 became the Church of Christ in East Baltimore.
His work in the Lord's service include Elder, Deacon, Bible class teacher for adults, young men, and personal Bible study teacher. He is currently Senior Minister at the InnerCity Church of Christ, Baltimore a new work planted by the East Baltimore Church of Christ. Brother Lorick has spoken at the Churches of Christ Mid Atlantic Lectureships and conducted workshops throughout the brotherhood.
He has also served as Christian Life Minister 2012-2014 and Elder  2006-2012 at the East Baltimore Congregation . He received his AA degree in Bible Studies from the Northeast Baltimore Bible Institute and College, with an emphasis in Christian Counseling, and is also a graduate from Sunset International Bible Institute External Studies
Eric’s service in Christ includes, being part of the coordination team leaders for the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Churches of Christ Lectureship. He is also a speaker at Lectureship, Gospel Meeting, and workshops.
Eric was employed by A.T&T now Lucent Technology with over 30 years’ service he retired April 2004. He also served as Vice President and President of AT&T's Valley Council Telephone Pioneers Volunteers and Charity Organization 1993-1995.
He is married to Andrea D. Lorick for 49
 years and they owned and operate the only Church of Christ bookstore in the Maryland area “Agape Christian Books Gifts & Music" from 2009-2016.  The Lorick’s have 2 adult children Erica Gross (Eric) and Joseph Lorick, Minister and author. They have also been blessed with several grandchildren. 
Eric's bright cheerful manner, energetic teaching style and love of singing can belie the true inner convictions and passion of our Brother’s faith.  As he continues his Christian walk, we can be sure Eric will give only his best to serve the Lord.



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